Elearning Delta Presents

The DeltaWidget®

An untethered, hassle free, low maintenance elearning solution.

What is The DeltaWidget®?

The DeltaWidget® is designed for authors, educators, thought leaders, and other content creators.

Creators seeking an easier way to produce and distribute interactive learning experiences.

It's an Interactive Ebook

Turn your book into an interactive experience for your readers with no e-readers attached!

It's an Online Course

Create a full-featured online course without the need of an LMS or marketplace.

It's a Learning Experience

Turn ANY CONTENT into an interactive learning experience.

It's Untethered

No software required! The DeltaWidget® runs from any browser or mobile device.

It's Compact

The DeltaWidget® is small enough to burn to a thumb drive or offer as a digital download.

It's Self-Contained

All lessons, activities, and other elements can be completed without leaving widget.

How It Works

The DeltaWidget® is developed similar to an elearning course.

We use your existing content and add a combination of elements to transform it into an amazing interactive learning experience…

Embedded Video

Downloadable Resources




Fillable Workbooks


Interactive Exercises


Contact Forms



Your “course” is packaged into a small HTML5 package that can run from any modern browser or mobile device.

The DeltaWidget® is so small you can easily burn it to a thumb drive or offer it as a digital download.

With this untethered and versatile elearning solution, your options for distribution and sales are endless!

Would you like to know more?

How Do I Get One?

You don’t need to have a published book or polished video footage to get started. Send us whatever content you have!

Our production team will evaluate your content and make recommendations for interactive elements and other improvements, along with an estimated cost and schedule.

Any content will work, as long as it is your own, including:



Audio Clips



White Papers

Blog Posts

Research Papers

Then send us your branding, and your interactive learning experience will be ready in no time.

What Can I Do With It?

Your final product is a packaged DeltaWidget® that includes instructions and security recommendations.

You can use it however you wish. You can:

Let's get started on your widget today!