Digital Marketing Courses

Courses, Custom LMS, Ecommerce, Integration

A robust collection of courses based on the author’s books, this digital marketing series is published on countless elearning marketplaces and included as curriculum in colleges and certificate programs around the world.

Scope of Work:

  • Produced over 20 courses based on the author’s books
  • Designed and recorded more than 200 video lessons and live screencasts
  • Created dozens of worksheets for students and instructors to utilize
  • Produced marketing videos, landing pages, and other marketing material
  • Created optimized metadata and learning objectives for each course
  • Packaged courses for upload to elearning marketplaces
  • Packaged as SCORM for use by colleges and certifications programs
  • Set up custom LMS to accommodate authors’ long term goals
  • Implemented ecommerce solutions and integrated with LMS

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