New Client LMS Setup Plan Special

Are you ready for an LMS Setup?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is the right choice for your online training. But setting up an LMS can be a daunting task.

Proper planning can make all the difference in a successful LMS setup. Choosing the right features and settings out of the gate can help you avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your LMS.

Let our team of LMS experts help you plan a successful launch!

You Deserve a Stress-Free
LMS Setup Experience!

Learn about our $495 limited-time
LMS Setup Plan

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LMS setup

Elearning Delta’s LMS Setup Plan Special

Elearning Delta is offering a special introduction to our services and expertise.

For a limited time you can take advantage of our LMS setup expertise with a personalized plan and recommendations. Let the Elearning Delta team create a roadmap to your successful LMS launch!

For $495 you will receive…

1. A one-hour discovery session with our LMS team to discuss your specific needs.

2. An LMS setup report outlining a PLAN for you to:

  • Choose domain and branding options.
  • Set up user features like notifications, permissions, forums, and help desk.
  • Utilize automations to streamline LMS processes.
  • Establish onboarding and reporting procedures.
  • Organize your curriculum for an online learning environment.
  • Implement the best ecommerce solution.
  • Establish next steps such as integrating services, finding workarounds, and researching additional features.

As a bonus, we will make recommendations on the best LMS for you based on our findings.

Can you answer these critical
LMS Setup questions?

Our team of LMS experts know the right questions to ask AND the answers to those questions based on your needs…

  • Do you know the best choices for the overwhelming number of settings in your LMS?
  • How will your users be onboarded to the LMS?
  • Who will handle help requests, and how will that happen?
  • How will you set up organizations or departments within your LMS?
  • Do you need custom reporting options?
  • Have you planned your online curriculum (learning paths, competencies, certificates, etc.)?
  • What notifications will go out to users, and how often?
  • Do you need to map a custom domain or email address?
  • How will you deal with workarounds or integrations?
  • Who will be in charge of LMS support and maintenance tasks?