Global mining equipment company
moves safety training online,
reaching workers faster and
saving money

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Strata Worldwide develops and supplies products and technologies designed to bring the highest level of safety to mining operations around the world. They are a global provider of advanced safety and communication technologies.


Strata Worldwide was providing instructor-led training on their systems and safety equipment in countless locations on 3 continents. This global company knew that online training would benefit them, but when all travel was halted due to COVID-19, they had to act fast.

Pain Points

   accommodate a strict hierarchical
   options for in-person and self-paced
   each mine to have their own instance
of the LMS
   accommodate learners without



Strata Worldwide was able to meet their clients’ needs when travel was restricted and provide even more reliable reporting to track required safety certificates. Strata Worldwide has utilized Elearning Delta’s expertise to create an online L&D team and presence where it didn’t exist before.

“Our executive team is very happy with everything in regard to the LMS and its set-up and had nothing but compliments of you. They were very pleased that we choose Elearning Delta as our partner.”

Neil Glaze | Aftermarket Services
Strata Worldwide

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