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Positive Prevention PLUS produces evidence based instruction in comprehensive sexual health education and teen pregnancy prevention that is aligned with National Health Education Standards.


For many years, Positive Prevention provided print-only curriculum directly to schools. With an increased demand for online learning, Positive Prevention needed an LMS of their own that could accommodate the requirements placed on them by both licensing bodies and their clients.

Pain Points

   handle student and teacher help
   differing data requirements of clients
   accommodate tens of thousands
of users
   strict permission and privacy policies



The Positive Prevention team were shocked at the successful launch of their LMS. Their year-one expectation was to accommodate around 7,000 students. Instead, they enrolled over 35,000 students in over 200 schools — with the Elearning Delta team helping them every step of the way!

“The past year has pushed the limits of our program and online training. Elearning Delta has been invaluable in facilitating our online program and helping with our learning curve, freeing us up to work with our clients.”

Jennifer Wienke | COO
Positive Prevention PLUS

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