How a COVID solution opened
more doors for nonprofit to
provide career training

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CareerWork$® connects young adults from under-resourced communities to lasting, stable careers through free training, and builds supportive partnerships advancing equitable economic stability.

Career Training case study


Prior to the pandemic, CareerWork$® conducted their in-person training in partnership with local nonprofit organizations throughout the country. These all shut down, as well as travel, when COVID hit.

Pain Points

   adapt coaching sessions to an online
   means for instructors to monitor
student progress
   track learner success rates for grant
   provide support for area managers



With Elearning Delta supporting the LMS operations behind the scenes, CareerWork$® is able to continue to expand their use of the system and also open programs in new cities. They plan to increase their reach of cities over the coming years, to help as many career-seeking individuals as they can with their proven program model.

“The team at Elearning Delta is knowledgeable, available, and action oriented, and is a great partner for us! They help us plan long term solutions for our curriculum and platform, as well as engage with us to solve technical issues that need immediate attention.”

Ranko Fukuda | Director of Programs

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