Elearning Delta: Bridging the Learning Curve

Elearning Delta is a full-service elearning solutions company that specializes in developing innovative, custom-built courses and learning management systems (LMS). The company’s team of talented elearning experts can build and develop your elearning project from the ground up and offer valuable help and guidance along every step of the way.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Whether you are a huge Fortune 500 company with hundreds of franchisees, or a thought leader wishing to develop a one-off course, Elearning Delta will be there to assist.

Typical Elearning Delta clients include:

  • Authors or publishers looking to tap into the elearning market.
  • HR managers seeking staff training or certification/relicensing solutions.
  • Schools and professors wishing to offer their students innovative new ways to learn.
  • Nonprofit organizations and associations searching for affordable training solutions.
  • Thought leaders and speakers in need of a custom elearning solution for their audience.
  • Business owners with a desire to expand or franchise.
  • Franchise managers eager to improve franchise efficiency.

About Elearning Delta

Elearning Delta is the result of a partnership between Pearl eLearning CEO Christine Lehmann and new media guru Deltina Hay. Christine is an elearning, publishing, and business development expert with over two decades of experience.

Deltina is a database and web development veteran who understands the growing importance of harnessing the power of cloud and mobile technologies. Her books and online video courses have already helped over 60,000 people to find success online.

Christine and Deltina’s mutual love of elearning technology and the individual skills they possess allow Elearning Delta to deliver an elearning experience that is second to none.

Why Elearning Delta?

Elearning Delta

In the world of elearning, there is no “one size fits all.” Every business is different, with its own unique requirements and goals. Elearning Delta utilizes the latest instructional design software to create innovative, mobile-first elearning solutions that accommodate each client’s individual needs and provide a memorable learning experience that is productive and fun.

The Elearning Delta team has experience with countless LMSs. Christine and Deltina have chosen to partner with the very best of them to ensure clients get the perfect solution: best features, most flexibility, and the ability to keep up with changes in elearning technology.

The Elearning Delta Advantage

There’s more to elearning projects than software and platforms, though. Elearning Delta’s talented team of experts and vast network of talent have years of experience in publishing, instructional design, project management, web development, design, writing/editing, and audio/video production. This enables the Elearning Delta team to help with every aspect of your project.

Elearning Delta Advantage

The Elearning Delta team and associates can:

  • Manage your project through workflows and communication.
  • Make sure your course content is polished and professional.
  • Obtain and procure rights to content and images.
  • Prepare illustrative, cartoon, stylistic, technical, and scientific art.
  • Provide video crews to visit company locations and cover events.
  • Prepare closed captioning to industry standards.
  • Offer professional voice over and acting talent.
  • Provide translations with appropriate dialects.
  • Prepare motion graphics, 3D rendering, and illustrative animation.

The ability to supply clients with such a complete package, and take responsibility for projects from beginning to end, has allowed Elearning Delta to attain unique standing as a “full service” elearning solutions company.” It also explains why so many clients have such great things to say.

Innovative Elearning Solutions

Elearning Delta

The Elearning Delta team is committed to keeping abreast of the latest elearning trends and technology, as well as finding innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs. The Mini Campus and DeltaWidget® are perfect examples of this commitment…

The Elearning Delta Mini Campus

Elearning Delta offers a unique solution for businesses with fewer than 100 employees and others who want to ease into the elearning business. The Elearning Delta Mini Campus is an affordable LMS solution that can scale with growth; but does not skimp on features or branding.

The DeltaWidget®

The DeltaWidget® from Elearning Delta is an untethered, hassle-free, low-maintenance elearning solution designed for authors, educators, thought leaders, and other content creators seeking an easier way to produce and distribute interactive learning experiences.

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