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Our Products

Online Courses

We manage every step of the course creation and deployment process. The Elearning Delta team can create original content or improve upon content you already have. The end result will be a quality course packaged to industry standards. Check out some samples.

Custom LMS

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform where learners go to take courses. The Elearning Delta team has experience with countless LMSs and has partnered with the very best to ensure you get the most innovative solutions to meet your longterm goals. Learn more about our LMS options.

Interactive Ebooks

Adding interactivity to an ebook is an easy way to offer your readers elearning features in a format they can download and use on most e-reading services. The Elearning Delta team can advise you on which features make the most sense for your ebook. See samples and request a demo.

Traditional Ebooks

The Elearning Delta team has years of publishing experience, and is happy to help you create a quality ebook formatted as Epub for all modern e-readers.

Ecommerce Solutions

Once we help you find the best ecommerce solution for your needs, our experienced team will integrate that solution with your website or LMS.

The DeltaWidget®

The DeltaWidget® is an untethered elearning solution designed for content creators seeking an easier way to produce interactive learning experiences. Learn more about The DeltaWidget®.

Check out some samples...