5 Key LMS Support Tips to Offer Your Users

LMS Support

5 Key LMS Support Tips to Offer Your Users LMS support may be the furthest thing from your mind when first setting up your Learning Management System. But once you are ready to launch, you’ll wish you’d given it more thought. Support requests can quickly get out of hand...

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6 Proactive LMS Management Tips for Your Team

LMS management

6 Proactive LMS Management Tips for Your Team LMS management can be a lot of work, especially if you are doing it on top of your already-full-time job. In a perfect world, you could set up your LMS, walk away, and let it take care of itself. Unfortunately, even...

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6 Tips For Successful LMS Implementation

LMS implementation planning

6 Tips For Successful LMS Implementation As with any new system, LMS implementation goes much smoother with proper planning. Learning Management Systems tend to be robust platforms. Even seemingly small settings can make a huge difference in how well your LMS meets your organization’s needs. Proper planning can help...

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LMS Selection Deal Breakers

LMS selection

LMS Selection: Features You Should Never Compromise LMS selection can be an overwhelming task. There are hundreds of Learning Management Systems on the market, and an equal number of tools to help you select the “right” one. It is easy to get lost in the myriad of LMS features...

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Rapid Deployment of Your Online Training Part 3

Rapid deployment of online training

Get ready to launch! In this series of articles, Elearning Delta has offered advice on how to get your training online quickly and painlessly. In Part One of this series, we talked about the importance of a Learning Management System (LMS) for disseminating your online training, and how to...

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Rapid Deployment of Your Online Training Part 2

Rapid deployment of online training

Prepare Your Training Content In these unpredictable times, you may suddenly find that you no longer have the luxury of time to migrate your training online. You may also find that it could take all your time just researching the options available for preparing your training content. What you...

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Rapid Deployment of Your Online Training Part 1

rapid deployment of online training

Set up a Learning Management System (LMS). You are not alone if you suddenly need to provide online training for a newly-remote workforce. In addition to migrating your in-person training online, you may be tasked with training workers on the tools they need to work remotely at all! There...

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Choosing the Right LMS Manager

LMS Manager IT

Who Should be Your LMS Manager? The best LMS manager for your organization will depend a lot on the intricacies of your training program and the features you need from your LMS. Modern Learning Management Systems are sophisticated platforms that can help streamline the training and compliance needs of...

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Time for Your Annual LMS Review

Where to start on your LMS Review

New year. New decade. New LMS? Maybe. Do an LMS review to find out. The new decade brings with it many new and exciting learning technologies. But before you get swept away in all the hype, take a step back to review how well your existing LMS is serving...

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Learning Management Systems for Publishers

Elearning Delta Mini Campus

Elearning Opportunities for Publishers Elearning isn’t just for educators and trainers anymore. Solutions like learning management systems and elearning software have become important tools for businesses seeking new revenue streams and fresh audiences. Do any of these apply to your publishing company? You have authors who are thought leaders,...

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