Elearning Delta

A Bit About Us

Elearning Delta is the result of a partnership between Pearl eLearning CEO, Christine Lehmann, and new media guru, Deltina Hay.

Christine is a publishing and business development expert with over two decades of experience. Deltina is a web development veteran who understands the importance of utilizing cloud and mobile technologies. She is also a talented educator and writer.

Although they have different professional backgrounds, Christine and Deltina are both aware that elearning has tremendous potential. It’s scalable, cost effective, and presents information in ways that ensure high learning retention rates. In many cases, elearning can be superior to conventional learning methods and can be customized for individual needs.

Christine and Deltina launched Elearning Delta because they share a desire to create exceptional elearning products and services that provide companies and their employees with the edge they need to compete in today’s fast-moving business world.

Deltina’s technical skills and expertise as a content creator make her the ideal person to supervise elearning course development and delivery. Christine’s business acumen furnishes her with the ability to ensure projects are completed in a fast and efficient manner.

This alliance is what makes Elearning Delta a unique, full-service elearning company that delivers high-quality work for businesses and organizations of any size.

Christine Lehmann

Christine Lehmann

Director of Operations and Business Development

Deltina Hay

Deltina Hay

Director of Technology and Elearning Development

The Elearning Delta Team

Elearning Delta is based in Austin, Texas, and employs a first-rate team of designers, developers, writers, and project managers. The company also works remotely with the best programming, editorial, design, and voice over talent in the world.

Each team member has unique skills that allow them to provide Elearning Delta’s clients with a level of service that is second to none. Like the company’s founders, the abilities and experience they bring to the table complement each other well. This allows the team at Elearning Delta to create elearning experiences that are perfect for each organization’s unique vision and goals.

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