About Elearning Delta


Elearning Delta is a full-service elearning solutions company, specializing in Learning Management Systems. Our team of experts provide LMS consulting, implementation, integration, maintenance, and user support. We help businesses harness the power of learning technologies to create a streamlined experience for learners, trainers, and administrators. We pride ourselves on being the L&D arm for our enterprise and education clients.

We use a customer-driven approach to our services and communications. Since every organization has a unique learning ecosystem, we begin each project with a thorough discovery process. No matter how far along you are, we explore your LMS requirements, training program expectations, current stumbling blocks, and how your L&D needs fit into your overall organization.

Once we understand your goals and challenges, we formulate a roadmap for your LMS and curriculum to make the experience invigorating for learners and effortless for administrators. We incorporate integrations into this plan as well. Whether you need to integrate with your HRIS, improve your ecommerce process, or streamline your blended learning program, we have you covered. Though the Elearning Delta team provides thorough documentation and training for your managers, we are also committed to the long-term success of your learning ecosystem.

Elearning Delta’s Maintenance Plans are tailored to each clients’ needs, while offering the peace of mind that your LMS is in good hands. Our experienced LMS administrators provide your team with ongoing support that may include onboarding learners, populating course content, creating custom reports, troubleshooting technical issues, maintaining integrations, and direct support for LMS managers. And we keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Our clients trust us to communicate with their learners and customers on their behalf, and we take that seriously. Elearning Delta’s User Support Plans include end-user support through our personalized helpdesk platform, as well as customized knowledge bases. And end users aren’t limited to learners, they may also include managers or clients maintaining their own users on your LMS.


Elearning Delta COO Christine Lehmann

Christine Lehmann

Director of Operations and Business Development

Elearning Delta CTO Deltina Hay

Deltina Hay

Director of Technology and Elearning Development


Elearning Delta is based in Austin, Texas, and employs a first-rate team of designers, developers, writers, and project managers. The company also works remotely with the best programming, editorial, design, and voice over talent in the world.

Each team member has unique skills that allow them to provide Elearning Delta’s clients with a level of service that is second to none. Like the company’s founders, the abilities and experience they bring to the table complement each other well. This allows the team at Elearning Delta to create elearning experiences that are perfect for each organization’s unique vision and goals.

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